If you are a webmaster then read below mentioned notes.

> We are adding new streams on daily basis so check this website regularly to get new streams.

> These streams are not permanent.

> If you want to share any stream then you can send us through email.

> Right now we have not placed our ad on streams. In future we can place only 1 single ad on stream to meet our server and other expences. Our aim is to place less ads to get more viewer's. So we will never place more than 1 ad on our streams in future.
(Less ads = More viewer's)

>If you want to increase player size. Then use this code in iframe "http://desistreams.tv/embed/sony_tv.php?id=live&vw=658&vh=740"

Example: iframe SRC='http://desistreams.tv/embed/sony_tv.php?id=live&vw=658&vh=740' width='600' height='470' marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 hspace=0 vspace=0 frameborder=0 scrolling='no'

> Stay in touch with us. Send your email ID to contact@desistreams.tv and we will let you know if we add new stream, if we remove any stream & if we replace any stream. So you can keep your streams updated.